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Welcome to the Beat Arcade Mafia Wiki, where you can find the collection of all past setups for Mafia games from the Beat Arcade discord server! Our games are often uniquely themed and with custom setups hosted by our own members, and we also have a seasonal point system in place to give recognition for outstanding plays. Come join the fun!

Setups are usually added to the wiki within a month of a game's finish.

What is Mafia? Navigation

Mafia is a strategy game that is hosted here on Beat Arcade often by members and staff alike. In Mafia games there are various alignments which will be trying to come out on top, which is often killing or outnumbering those of the other alignment. If you like backstabbing, big-braining, and making enemies, then you’ll love mafia!!!

How does it work?
Mafia game signups will be announced in the server's #events channel, and a channel will then become available for you to sign up. If you want to be pinged for these grab the Mafia Players role in #roles in the discord. Sign-ups usually last from 24h to 48h. We run both standard setups using standard roles/mechanics and custom setups using custom roles/mechanics.

Find out more about the game here, and also check out #mafia-hub for more details on how we run it in the server!

Upcoming Game

RNG Mafia 2

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